Monday, March 1, 2010

HARGA Cupcake

paperline cup saiz 8 (Mini only)

1. Vanilla Cupcakes
2. Chocolate Cupcakes
Other flavour available on request

Topping for Cupcakes

1. Butter cream
2. Vanilla Frosting
3. Fondant
4. Choc Ganach

Cupcakes Price (starting from)

Mini Cupcakes - (paper liners - top 5cm d'meter/height 2.5cm @ mini solo cup )


M Size(STANDARD) - SOLO CUP - top 5.5cm d'meter/height 3.5cm
Additional Charge
1.  3D figure (bear/human figure/cartoon figure/things) -
     Mini Cupcakes - RM3.00/figure
     M size Cupcakes - RM5.00/figure

2.  2D figure (bear/human figure/cartoon figure) -
     Mini Cupcakes - RM2.00/figure
     M size Cupcakes - RM4.00/figure

3.  Edible image - standard saiz A4 RM25/pc
    Cupcakes - M size - minimum 16pcs 
    S size - minimum 24pc
**(S size edible image also can be used for M size cupcakes)

4. topper cupcake : harga 35 sen/pc minimum 16pc/set

5. Fresh fruits will be charge according to market price.
gambar cojntoh:-

6. Ribbon around the cupcakes will be charge additional RM0.20/pcs.  Ribbon on cupcakes box will be charge according to market price.

7. Individual box/ Special for cupcakes/muffine will be charge extra depends on the box market price.

-deco with cream cheese + walnut
 16pc - RM65
25pc - RM100

RED VELVET CUPCAKE (2.05OZ)- deco cream cheese + hirisan coklat
16pc - RM65
25pc - RM110

OREO CUPCAKE- deco with  Cream cheese  + oreo
 16pc: RM67
25pc: RM110

Rainbow cupcake: harga bermula

1) 16pc/set : buttercream => RM 60 ke atas
                   : cream cheese => RM 80 ke atas 
2) 25pc/set : buttercream => RM 90 ke atas
                   : cream cheese => RM 130 ke atas 

ingin menempah :)  boleh terus tinggalkan pesanan ke:-
Dlovelymuffin, Cakes N Choco Treats Facebook message box
or email at
Upon confirmation of the order please bank-in 50% deposit to my acc. 
Please call me 1 day before the collection date as a reminder. Any cancellation please call me directly to inform, atleast 3 days before the collection date, please do not inform through facebook.

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